Index for community commands. These are commands that everyone has access to, so long as the bot and user at least has permissions to `Send Messages`, `Use Application Commands` and `View Channel`.

Returns statistical information about Ugly Cousin.

Calculates mathematical expressions. Rounds to the nearest integer (whole number).

100% guilt-free, un-loggable, anonymous confessions. Say what you want without the personal backlash.

Returns information on any custom emoji. Best used by Nitro users.

The general help command. Where you can submit a bug or suggestion, or the direct link to the documentation.

Invite links to the bot and our support server.

Returns one of thousands of custom art/anime pictures. Categorized in SFW neko, kitsune and waifu images! Thanks to the API team and contributors!

A digital notepad storing up to 4,000 characters with the freedom of formatting it any way you like!

Returns a users' profile picture. If one is not defined, it returns yours.

Returns a users' custom profile! If one is not defined, it will return yours.

Edit a profile attribute. Anything edited using this command, will be shown on /profile.

Changes how Ugly cousin responds to you as a command user.

Information about this server and the channel that the command was executed in.

Allows server members to send a suggestion about a topic to the configured channel.

Using's official API, check the voting status on a user or search for any bot listed on

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