Allows server members to send a suggestion about a topic to the configured channel.

  • Keep in mind, there's a default cooldown of 30 seconds for submitting suggestions!

  • Server staff can configure the cooldown with the /config command!

Options: 2

Option 1: ★ idea (required)

Submit your idea, please elaborate and explain the best you can. You can supply a saved image from your device to better explain what you mean.


/suggest idea:I think you should add a new forum channel for asking advanced questions!
Option 2: ★ image (optional)

You can also send an image with your suggestion to help better explain what you mean to describe! • Images are cached for 14 days! After that, the image can no longer be viewed! This is just how the attachment option on slash commands work and cannot be changed from my end


/suggest idea:You should change this role color to red! image:<Please attach a file>

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