Index for staff commands. These are commands that only staff has access to, so long as the bot and user both have the respective permissions required for each command.

See a settings' configuration by running the command and using the selection menu. set/remove a configuration setting by using the command line.

Adds an emoji to the server using an image URL or and image from your device.

Delete an emoji from the server

Adds any emoji from another server, to this server! Best for Nitro users, but can be used by users without Nitro (just a little harder).

Changes the nickname of a server member. Only 1 option may be used at a time!

Sends a poll to the configured channel for members to vote on

Bulk delete up to 100 messages at once

Give/take a role to/from someone according to if they're wearing it or not.

The all-in-one manager for configuring, resetting/disabling and managing the verification module. With this set up, members will have to verify themselves before talking.

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