See a settings' configuration by running the command and using the selection menu. set/remove a configuration setting by using the command line.

This command has been re-written with new functionality since update 9.7.0

Options: 3

Option 1: ★ action (required)

The action to take with the setting. This is for setting or removing a configuration setting.

  1. Set • Allows you to set/configure a setting. When a setting is configured, the cooresponding setting/command can then be used.

  2. Remove • Allows you to remove/de-configure a setting. Removing a setting does not remove anything in your server. It simply de-configures the setting so it cannot be used anymore.

Option 2: ★ setting (optional)

The setting to take action on. When choosing one of these choices, Ugly will take action on that setting.

  1. Ban logs • Allows Ugly to automatically send a message report to the configured channel with details on a users ban and the same when they are unbanned.

  2. Suggestions • Allows members to send a suggestion about a topic to the configured channel

  3. Confessions • Allows members to send anonymous messages to the configured channel

  4. Polls • Allows server staff to get feedback about a topic by asking members of the community a question. The community can then reacting to the message with their choice/opinion via preset emoji reactions

Option 3: ★ channel (optional)

The channel to configure a setting to.

  1. Only text channels are allowed to be configured.

  2. Ugly must be able to send messages to the channel you are attempting to configure.

  3. This option can only be used when supplying the Set action.

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