Bulk delete up to 100 messages at once

Required permissions:


• Manage messages


• Manage messages

Options: 4

Option 1: ★ amount (required)

The amount of messages to delete.

  • Cannot be less than 1

  • Cannot be more than 100

Option 2: ★ clean (optional)

Deletes a bulk of the latest messages from Ugly Cousin.

  • She will attempt to delete as many as she can, up to 100, to clean up the channel.

Option 3: ★ channel (optional)

Delete messages in another channel.

  • If no channel is defined, the bot will delete messages in the current channel.

Option 4: ★ pins (optional)

Whether or not to delete pinned messages.

  • Defaults to No if not used.

Option 5: ★ silent (optional)

Whether or not to override and make Ugly not respond at all after deleting messages, making it a silent bulk message cleanup.

  • Defaults to responding with the preferred response style if not used.

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