Details on what's been changed throughout time. The latest update is at the top.

There's been a lot of changes within the bot the past couple years however, we have lost the contents of our changes during a recent data corruption at the beginning of 2022. We did not start logging the changes here (at Gitbook) until just recently and therefore, we cannot provide you details on changes prior to our first entry here.

  • With Gitbook as our primary documentation logging source, we can now start to provide you the details of each change, as we originally intended to!

(July 8th, 2023) Version: 9.7.0 Build: 38
  1. Completely rewrote /config and converted it to a server staff command instead of a community command. • This is the HQ for the configuration settings for certain commands/modules in the bot, therefore only members with Manage Server permission can use this command.

  2. Removed command /set-confess in favor of /config • Set up confessions via /config now • Confessions now have a default 30 second cooldown. This can be changed with /config

  3. Added user Banlogs module • Set up via /config

  4. Added community command /suggest • Set up via /config • Suggestions have a default 30 second cooldown. This can be changed with /config

  5. Added staff command /poll • Set up via /config • Polls have a default 30 second cooldown. This can be changed with /config

  6. Added staff command /emoji-delete • Deletes an emoji from the server

  7. Various bug fixes and improvements!

(June 29th, 2023) Version: 9.6.9 Build: 37
  1. Updated /help command

    • Added command option.

    • Sends a documentation hyperlink of one specific command to the user.

    • If the command option is not used, the main help menu will appear as normal.

(June 23rd, 2023) Version: 9.6.8 Build: 36
  1. Removed all help options from all commands • The "help" options were generally useless and got in the way more than not.

  1. All command options have been updated to be stapled "optional" or "mandatory" upon using a command. Some may still be purely optional due to developmental circumstances and because that's just the way it's supposed to be lol.

  2. Various bug fixes and improvements!

(March 12th, 2023) Version: 9.6.7 Build: 35
  1. Added new option to /purge command • The new silent option can be used to make the bot not respond at all after bulk deleting messages. • Used for efficiency, so you don't have to change your response style just because you want that one blind purge to be off the radar lol.

(February 9th, 2023) Version: 9.6.6 Build: 34
  1. Fixed bug where DM counting button on /profile, would error in DMs.

  2. Couple other unnoticeable bug fixes

(February 3rd, 2023) Version: 9.6.5 Build: 33
  1. Fixed a major bug preventing new users from accepting the terms and ultimately, preventing new users from using the bot if they have not already accepted the terms. • The issue seems to be fixed but, if you still encounter this error, please officially report it to the developer by submitting a bug report.

(February 3rd, 2023) Version: 9.6.4 Build: 32
  1. Minor bug fixes

(February 2nd, 2023) Version: 9.6.3 Build: 31
  1. Improved debug/error reports • Ugly cousin now tells the developer exactly where the problem is located in the source code, when an error log is received. (Before this, it was quite vague)

  1. Ephemeral errors pertaining to command ownership (who ran the command) now tells the user who the command belongs to when attempting to use an interaction on a command that a user did not initially use.

(February 1st, 2023) Version: 9.6.2 Build: 30
  1. Updated both the bot badges and native badges (ones you get from discord)

  2. Fixed bug pertaining to badges when the @everyone role does not have the Use External Emojis permission. • Badges now 'fallback' to a set of basic badges when the @everyone role is missing this permission.

  1. /profile command got another minor aesthetic adjustment pertaining to badges as described above. • The embed footer will now alert you when you're looking at the fallback (default) badges and tell you what you need to do to fix it.

  1. Squashed a few more of those pesky buggers!

(January 23rd, 2023) Version: 9.6.1 Build: 29
  1. Minor stability improvements • Reduced load on the database • Minor bug fixes

(January 21st, 2023) Version: 9.6.0 Build: 28
  1. Updated /profile command • Enlarged users' profile picture instead of being in the thumbnail • Renamed [Badges] => [Native badges] • Added [Bot badges] • Added a Bot staff badge to show users that have heightened permissions for exclusive commands. • Updated the Legend key

=> Bot badges & Bot staff badge is an approved suggestion, submitted by: ★ Qaves#0001 (858197128685551636)

(January 21st, 2023) Version: 9.5.0 Build: 27
  1. Updated /server with buttons to display channel, role & emoji data.

  2. Added /nekosbest command for thousands of custom-made anime art!

  3. Updated /bot command. • Added another botlist vote link and moved vote links to the select menu • Added build number for the total amount of times its been updated.

(January 18th, 2023) Version: 9.4.0
  1. @Mention the bot in DMs and she will tell you the last number you left off counting from.

  2. Added a DM counting leaderboard and statistics to the /profile command.

  3. Implemented a very powerful, custom-built API

  4. Minor cosmetic tweaks and additions to the /profile command • Added user banner and user badges

(January 9th, 2023) Version: 9.3.0
  1. Added DM counting • Simply count in the DMs between you and the bot and the stats will be displayed on /profile

  1. Minor bug fixes

(December 3rd, 2022) Version: 9.2.0
  1. Updated /notepad • Can now store up to 20,000 characters between 5 different notes!

  1. Various minor bug fixes

(November 25th, 2022) Version: 9.1.0

  1. Removed the select menu system from /profile

  2. Added command /profile-edit • Modify your profile with this command. Any changes using this command will reflect on /profile.

  3. Added 2 new attributes to /profile • Added Image • Added Socials

  4. Added new clean option to /purge • Cleans up the channel by deleting a bulk of only the bots' latest responses.

  5. /verification can now send the member verification buttons with its message, while using in another channel.

  6. Various bug fixes.

(November 14th, 2022) Version: 9.0.1
  1. Fixed bug that arose with /emoji

  2. Removed user slash option for /topgg

(November 12th, 2022) Version: 9.0.0
  1. Now mandatory! • Must accept our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to use the bot. This is actioned on the first usage of any command or interaction and will only be actioned once. Join our support server for even more information.

  2. Updated our Privacy Policy

  3. Vote locked the delete button. • To utilize this unique feature, you'll need to regularly vote for the bot on

  4. Updated every command with a new option. • Created help option on each command, linking to the website documentation for that command.

  5. Another total rewrite of /help • Removed the previous select menu setup Added bug and suggest buttons

  6. New GUI • Commands now better utilize the custom profile features!

  7. Updated /profile • Added global profile views. • Merged all profile set commands. • Fixed bug where users couldn't be searched when they are not in the server. Profile is now global as intended.

  8. Added 5 new commands • /emoji-add/purge/notepad/topgg/verification

  9. Removed 8 commands in favor of the new interaction counterpart replacements • /bug • /suggest • /profile-age • /profile-bio • /profile-gender • /profile-color • /profile-prefix • /profile-suffix

  10. Many other bug fixes, tweaks and improvements!

(October 17th, 2022) Version: 8.3.0
  1. Removed /response-autodelete command. • To reduce load on the server, we have removed the auto deletion to public responses and are relying on the delete buttons. Admins still override delete buttons to help reduce any unwanted clutter.

  2. Updated /response command. • Removed the Server option. Bot is now completely user-facing.

(October 2nd, 2022) Version: 8.2.0
  1. Major rework of the /help command. • Now has a new look and new purpose. Get more information on a command by choosing a selection from the menu.

  2. Minor tweaks and bug fixes.

(September 5th, 2022) Version: 8.1.1
  1. Removed command /pastebin (Global) • Didn't realize the paste limits and already exceeded them. Has been removed due to my lack of testing the limits of the API before releasing.

(September 5th, 2022) Version: 8.1.0
  1. Added command /afk (Server) • Let others know you're away from the keyboard when they ping you and for how long you've been afk for. Automatically returns you from being afk the next time you type something in chat.

  2. Added command /pastebin (Global) • Post public content to with many dynamic options. Returns the link of your newly created paste!

  3. Added command /role (Server) • Will add or remove a role to/from a user in the server, depending on if they have the role or not.

  4. Minor bug fixes/performance tweaks.

(August 11th, 2022) Version: 8.0.0

Rewrote the entire bot! Nothing is the same! 》Added 20 Slash Commands. Start with /help 》Must reinvite the bot to be able to use the slash commands!

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