Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy lets you to know how we handle your data and what you can do about it. Last updated on February 9th, 2023

[Actions that collect user data]

📌 /bug 📌 /notepad 📌 /pfp 📌 /profile 📌 /suggest

[What user data is collected with above actions and why we need it]
  • /bot (User ID) • To know who submitted the report. This is essential to be able to reach out for further details of the report if needed. User ID is not stored in the bot. It is stored within the bug report message in the support server.

  • /notepad (User ID) • User ID is stored so that the bot can distinguish between users' notepads. • User ID will be removed from the bot after the user clears their notepad.

  • /pfp (User ID) • So that the bot can resolve the users profile picture. User ID is not stored in the bot and is dumped after command execution.

  • /profile (User ID, age & gender) • User ID is fetched and thrown away upon command execution. This is to resolve all the custom/set data of a users' profile.

  • /suggest (User ID) • User ID is fetched and thrown away upon command execution. User ID is stored in the suggestion message in the support server. This is essential for being able to reach out to the user who suggested a feature, for any further details if applicable.

[Data User Access & Disclaimers]
  • By accepting the terms of our Privacy Policy and also using the bot, you accept and allow us to use your data only in the manner explained above.

  • The only user data we may store in the bot is your User ID across various commands, to ensure commands and modules work as intended.

  • We are unable provide a service for any kind of backup to your data. Your stored data is in the /profile and /notepad commands.

  • The only type of access you have to your private user data is through our method, explained below in [Opting-out].


We believe you as an end user have a right to opt-out of our services at any time. That being said, we have a Policy Data Manger only in our Support Server that allows you to do just that! At any given time, you can simply press a button and all of your user data (and custom set data) will be reset and you will no longer be able to use the bot until you accept our terms/policy again!

  • Upon opting-out of our services, any User ID's associated with user blacklists will not be removed to ensure the user still cannot do any harm to the bot.

  • You may opt-out of our services once every 24 hours.

  • You may opt-in, immediately after opting out.

  • If you Opt-out of our services, you will lose all of your data progress and it cannot be recovered. There's NO confirmation for opting out therefore, Please be sure you really want to opt-out before clicking the button!

  • Our Privacy Policy may be updated/changed at any time! You have the right to know what has been changed. Therefore, we will publicly announce any updates to our Policy/Terms in our Support Server! We highly recommend you join to stay updated!

  • You may also see a timestamp in this page header as well as at the bottom of this page.

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